I work with my camera past the reality of timeless and ruined images to what may lurk behind. I attempt to capture in my photographs an emotional power that brings visual intrigue and creates a tension in the realm of the fantastic. I look for a certain "strangeness" and beauty in the external world which makes us suddenly aware of the strangeness and beauty within ourselves. For me, photography is a mystical experience.

My photographs take the viewer to the point where the real encounters the surreal. I follow my own internal resources rather than a particular artistic style. The images are dealing with issues of death, decay, passage of time, regeneration and resurrection.

Discarded objects create my private landscapes offering mysterious narratives. These fragmentations bring together the way light and the human element interact.

The camera is a tool to express my deepest response to this ever changing and luminous environment. These objects seem present yet absent in the context of life... I ask myself, are they part of a void to which everything will eventually return or simply a part of the past represented through time-worn materials and found fragments from life?